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This is the changelog for MeteoIO release 2.6.1

Build system

  • better handling of dynamic libraries' paths
  • Trying to find local source trees named as MeteoIO-xxx so when people use a stable release source tree, MeteoIO is properly found
  • properly inheriting plugins settings and other properties
  • lots of micro-optimizations


  • DBO plugin:
    • merge different timeseries
    • basic selection of multiple timeseries containing the same parameter
    • support for some "extra" parameters
    • fixed a bug parsing "measuredInterval"
    • improved debug output
  • ARPS plugin:
    • fixed a buffer overflow
    • cleaned up includes (so the MIO namespace is not polluted)
  • NetCDF plugin:
    • out-of-the-box support for RhiresD files (there is no need to rename the time dimension but the parameter mapping still has to be configured in the ini file)
    • 2D WRF grids are now supported (on the other hand, it seems that WRF tends to introduce a shift in the coordinates, so beware!)
    • documentation about WRF
    • much more precise coordinates conversion when reading/writing grids (lat/lon to/from cartesian)
  • CNRMIO plugin:
    • added the dew point temperature to the CNRM schema
    • necessary changes to support Nordicana NetCDF files (but their units are broken, so beware)
    • improved documentation
  • PGM plugin: some applications write PGM files formatted as a single column of data, so the plugin has been adapted to accept both traditional and single column formats
  • IMIS plugin: Code cleanup, micro optimizations and documentation improvements (for IMIS)


  • new generator to convert split precipitation (given as RAINF and SNOWF) into PSUM and PSUM_PH
  • more flexibility in the coordinates specifications (such as used by the virtual stations): accepting string such as "(lat,lon)" or "(lat,lon)" or "lat lon"
  • more checks when handling coordinates, writing lat/long as decimal now by default
  • more ellipsoid parameters for the coordinates transforms
  • the standard Molodensky transformation has been implemented to convert between datums

Documentation and scripts

  • documentation improvements
  • documented how to install libpng on osX
  • now every plugin contains an example of use
  • improved the smet_extract script so it now also extracts the plot_xxx parameters
  • smet2kml: When the smet files only contain easting/northing/epsg, if cs2cs is available on the system, the lat/long will be automatically computed (since KML expects lat/long)