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This page is now largely obsolete, but we keep it for historical/documentation purposes

It is extremely important for the future of MeteoIO that we get an idea of its impact and perception. However, since lots of sites that will talk about it will also NOT reference this home page as well as offer their own download mirrors, keeping an eye on simple statistics like download counts is quite tricky. Any number we can get is therefore a lower bound. We will give here the statistics from our servers as well as from other mirrors that we know of. (for softpedia, since the stats are the sum of all downloads for all versions, we write in the table the raw number but only use the delta between the last known version and the current one in the download sum).

Finally, a user might download a package several times, or several packages (for several platforms), or give his single download to a number of colleagues. We have no way of knowing anything about it...

That being said, the known numbers of downloads per release are available on Distribution stats.

Another way to measure the popularity of MeteoIO is to have a look at who is referencing it, translating news about it, etc

Home page visits

The tracking is currently disabled... However, during the first 6 months of the project, we saw more than 1600 visits from 67 countries (most frequent: FR, CH, CN, US, CA, DE, AU, BE, RU, IT).

MeteoIO has been presented at EGU2010, EGU2011, posters at IGIS2010, Cold Regions Sciences. It has been cited in various papers (Jan, Rebecca, Christine). It has been used in the Hydrosys project, GeoTop, Gin, Sensorscope, Alpine3d, Snowpack.

Third party mirrors

These web sites relay announcements about MeteoIO and provide their own download mirrors. They often split between the different platforms (the address might be different for each platform or just the download link).

Mac Softpedia
Linux Brothersoft
Mac Wareseeker
Downloadplex Mac
Downloadplex Win

Official announcements

We make announcements on

Third party Coverage

These are web sites that have been talking about MeteoIO (without our prompting to do so):

  • Vector1Media, a webzine about supporting economical technologies and processes that promote sustainable environments
  •, relaying news from freshmeat, that already offered translated versions of the announcement
  • the web forum of softpedia, providing an English, Swedish, Russian, Hungarian, Thai version
  • has always been referencing MeteoIO, usually with some partial translation of the news
  • with translated news in Spanish
  •, with a Spanish translation
  • with a French translation
  • bytemen with another Chinese translation
  • y-zoom, some relay in Arabic
  • ddvip, another Chinese version
  • oesystem, again in Chinese
  • ddxia, still in Chinese (they seem to offer mirrors too)
  • open-china, obviously in Chinese. Already huge number of views in just 3 days...
  • agwcn, even the release changelog is translated in Chinese
  •, no details but MeteoIO is referenced between the Chinese meteorological agency and the Japanese one...
  •, a Chinese meteorology web site that seems to redirect to our page for downloads but tracks page views on their side
  •, full translation in Italian. But they totally misunderstood what MeteoIO is...
  •, with a German translation
  •, providing a Korean translation of Freshmeat announcements
  •, providing a Russian translation of the announcements
  • covering MeteoIO in Thai

Several Chinese sites have been skipped, since there are so many of them...